Interesting tips on how casinos catch cheats

Some players have very bad luck in winning the casino games, nominate how they try they end up losing. Thus they think that at some point cheating is the best idea for them to win. It might please you to know that there is very strong security at the casinos. Nommater how one tries so hard to cheat they will never succeed. Let’s see how the casinos catch cheats.


Casinos catch cheats through casino staff who monitors the games

There are casino staff members who were employed to monitor the games. For example, the dealer is the first staff member who monitors the games. There are always there when the games start and when the games end. Dealers also lead the games and also make sure that the games go smoothly without anyone cheating. moreover, the pit boss and also the floor supervisors also monitor the games. They move around the casino watching every movement by players and also dealers.

tips on how casinos catch cheats

interesting tips on how casinos catch cheats

They  cross-check their numbers

After every game before claiming the winner, the dealer cross-checks their numbers. They have to see if the numbers are making a profit or a huge loss. If the numbers are making a bigger loss, this will show that there was some kind of cheating during the game. Through cross-checking, the dealers can easily know where there is a short number and where there are facing bigger losses.

Through cameras and CCTVs

The casinos have specific places they think cheating may occur in the room, thus they put cameras in almost every corner of the room. Casinos put cameras on the tables and places they think that cheating mostly occurs. The cameras catch those cheats that the employees might not see. Also, if one is caught cheating and they deny it, they are taken to the security room and they are shown the footage in which they were caught cheating. That’s the most incredible thing about cameras, they always have tangible evidence.

In conclusion, their casinos have very tight security that it might not be possible for one to get away with cheating.

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